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I have sufficient equipment for a celebration with more than 5,000 people, such as an outside event. I do special events, such as weddings, receptions, and birthday parties. Did you know that the Happy Birthday song was written in Louisville in 1869?

Karaoke is another special service offered. Please let me know your taste in music and I will create a entertaining atmosphere for your friends, family, and guests. In addition to recorded music, I provide live music. Also I have various lighting systems, which can be used for special effects. I also have remote sound capabilities that do not require electricity. For instance, if a wedding or event is in a field where electricity is not available, I would use this.

I bring all my equipment. All I need is one electrical outlet. Also, my prices are competitive. Call (502) 495-3062 today for availability.

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The Area's Premier Event DJ

I'm TOM THE DJ of Louisville, Kentucky, a DJ/entertainer. I started the business because I love music and observing people having a good time. I have been entertaining the Louisville, Kentucky area for over 40 years. My DJ service can feature anything from intimate to hard-hitting dance music.

I am self-contained. State-of-the-art computers and high-tech BOSE™ speakers provide exciting, crystal clear sounds for dancing and sing-alongs. I have over 30,000 song selections, and my system is online to download any special request not in my library. The classics in my library include songs from The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Barbra Streisand, and many other artists. I update songs weekly with the Billboard Top 40™ and through my computer, I have unlimited access to any songs, so I can play any genre.

The Belle of Louisville has been a long-time favorite. Thousands of children each year cruise the Mighty Ohio to be entertained, educated, and have a great time. On special cruises, lunch, dinner and sightseeing, I narrate the many historical places and events that have made the Louisville area a fantastic area to discover.

I play recorded music that fits the event.

Call (502) 495-3062

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Special Information

Hi! I'm Tom Campbell and will make your special event a success.

Epitome of Excellence:


I always perform my best. Every event is unique and an experience. I utilize my past experiences to entertain and perform beyond your expectations.

Mission Statement

My mission is to make your special event a success.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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